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On the Waterfront

A Total Eclipse of the Sun!

A total eclipse of the sun will occur through a path of the United States on Monday August 21st. Unforunately Wisconsin is not in this path but that doesn't mean we can't have a party! The Library was able to get 200 pair of glasses that will alllow safe viewing of the sun as the moon travels a path and for a few brief minutes comes between Earth and the Sun. The Library will also be trying to stream the eclipse in an area of totality and we'll also have a craft activity and some kind of treat. This is a family event and because of issues of safety no child 12 and under that is not accompanied by an adult will be able to wear the glasses to view the sun. There will be other things for young children not with an adult to do if they come to the party. The last time the United States saw a total eclipse was in 1979. That's almost 40 years ago folks! If you're lucky enough to be traveling to an area that will see the total eclipse we wish you perfect conditions and a life altering experience. For those of you who will be here in Manawa, even an 80% eclipse will be fun to see - as long as you have those safety glasses on!

BTW, be wary of purchasing eclipse viewing glasses online. There are many counterfeit glasses hitting the market that are not safe. Even if the glasses have the safety logo on them, they might now protect your eyes.

We hope to see you here on the 21st. The fun starts at 12:30, with prime viewing time at 1:15pm.

4th Annual National Night Out!

It's hard to believe but the first Tuesday in August is right around the corner - as a matter of fact it happens to be next Tuesday August 1st. And the first Tuesday in August is starting to mean something in Manawa as the city prepares to celebrate its 4th annual National Night Out. The fun will take place at the beautiful Lindsay Park shelter starting at 5:00 p.m. and ending at 8:00 p.m. The entertainment this year includes the comedy juggling routine of Truly Remarkable Loon and live music with the bluegrass band The Chord Trackers. Mixed in with all of that will be games for kids, a special appearance by the Waupaca County K-9 Unit, tours of fire trucks and ambulances and police cars and some hotdogs hot off the grill and delicious root beer floats. This citywide event is sponsored by the Manawa Police Department, The Manawa Rural Fire and Ambulance Department, the City of Manawa, the Manawa Lions Club and the Sturm Memorial Library. Special support from the Waupaca County Sheriff's Department, Sturm Foods, First State Bank, Premier Bank and the A. Sturm & Sons Foundation make this annual party a truly community effort. We hope to see a lot of folks there - the weather forecast looks very fine and if there is a sweeter place than Lindsay Park on a summer evening we haven't found it. Read more »

Raising a village of readers

The Library's summer reading program is a hit with the kids not because they get to enter drawings for prizes that have nothing to do with reading but because they get to "purchase" a book of their choice if they reach their reading goal. The kids love this and put a lot of thought into choosing their book and are so happy when they pick them up. The preschool kids get to pick out a paperback picture book from a display of them that are purchased ahead of time at a discounted rate. This excitement about books is what makes the summer the best time of year for staff. The better part of all this though is that this is all made possible by generous donations from the Manawa area business community. Read more »

Summer Fun is Coming!

School is out and the good times will be rolling here at the Library starting Monday June 12th. The Library has been hosting a summer reading program for over 30 years and 2017 promises to be a good time. Staff are excited about the theme for this summer - Build a Better World. We'll be building things with Legos, Keva Planks, Lincoln Logs, Mega Blocks and more. We'll also be creating artwork and fun crafts, doing science projects, decorating the Library and of course...READING. We all love to read and we work hard to find the right book at the right time for every child. It can happen! When kids are ready to take a break from reading, they can have some fun doing other things. Music, art and play are all very important in developing reading skills in young people so it all works hand in hand. Tune into our website, our calendar, our Facebook page or stop in for a schedule of all the fun events coming your way in the next several weeks. We hope the Library is a destination place for all area families this summer.