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On the Waterfront


This beautiful photograph was waiting on my desk when I got back to the library after a Chamber of Commerce meeting today. Pat Wegener was thoughtful enough to capture the incredible rainbow that graced Manawa last Friday evening. She knew we would love a photo of the rainbow with the library underneath its beautiful arc of color. I immediately decided to share this surprise gift. Rainbows are always exciting - a natural phenomenon that occurs when the sun shines on droplets of moisture in the Earth's atmosphere. The nice thing about having immediate access to information is that I can now tell you that a rainbow is not in a fixed position in the sky, but rather is dependent on the observer's location and the position of the sun. I think we all know this on some level, but I don't think we consciously think about it when we see a rainbow. I think most of us are thinking how lucky we are to see such a beautiful sight. I'll bet anyone you ask will have a memory or two of spectacular rainbows they've seen during their lifetime. Friday night's rainbow definitely looks like a memory maker.

Read to Your Bunny So Your Bunny Will Read to You

I recently spent a few days at the family cabin with my sister and her grandkids. One evening after dinner, one of the children put a movie in the DVD player and sat down to watch it. The other child sat down and started reading a book. It was a highlight of my time with them to see that girl pick up a book and choose reading over the movie. We might think that children learn the love of reading on their own, that it comes naturally. But that is not the case. Children have to be directed towards the reading life and the best time to do that is in the very early years at home. As the famous children's author Rosemary Wells puts it in her famous poem "Read to Your Bunny and Your Bunny Will Read to You". Read more »

Summer Blast!

The summer reading program is in its 6th week and continues to be a blast for staff and participants alike. At no other time of the year do you see anything quite like it in the library. There is lots of noise, lots of activity and lots of camaraderie between staff and kids. I encourage everyone to come in and visit the library over the next several weeks to see the incredible art that has been created by young people in this community. Every day we are amazed at what comes in the door. There has also been a lot of music at the library this summer - what with adults and kids doing the Bunny Hop and playing percussion instruments to the song Wipeout. I still haven't been able to coax anyone to Hand Jive with me, but I haven't given up hope.Young people want things to do and more importantly they want someone to value what they're doing. We hope we're accomplishing both of those things this summer.And so as we wind down this summer's program and get a little wistful about how fast it went, I want to thank the parents in this community for supporting the program and guiding their children to value the library as a place to spend their precious summer hours.

New Web Site

Change is the one constant of life and you've obviously noticed some changes in the Library's web site by now. We love the new look and we think it's going to be fun for everyone to use. Kudos to our very Lyn Hokenstad and Evan Bend from the Outagamie Waupaca Library System for getting the new site up and running. The sharp design and new functions will enable all of us to use the site in a variety of ways. Our intent is to keep everyone entertained and informed. We'll be sharing our favorite web sites for you, loading photos and video of notable events at the library, offering an interactive calendar and of course...creating a little buzz about books. Stay tuned...because change will be a constant feature in this web site.