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On the Waterfront

A Total Eclipse of the Sun!

On Monday August 21, 2017 a rare, total eclipse of the Sun will be visible across the width of the continental United States for the first time since 1918. What does this mean? It meas that every state in the lower 48 will have at least 60% of the Sun covered by the Moon and millions of lucky folks on a path from Oregon to South Carolina will experience a total eclipse of the Sun. The Sturm Memorial Library intends to celebrate this event with an Elipse party and in anticipation we've applied for a free "Elipse Kit" from STAR_Net's NASA@ My Library which will include 200 pair of eclipse glasses that will allow safe viewing of the partial eclipse. (Sadly, Wisconsin is not on the path for the total Eclipse) This initiative is going to distriubte up to 2 million glasses to libraries across the country to assist in programs centered around the Eclipse. Let's hope Manawa is one of Libraries to get some of these glasses. Stay tuned for further details and mark your calendars.

Take our Survey Please

Please take a few moments (OK a few minutes) to take our survey about how you use the Library. (Or not). We are figuring how the Library should provide services for the next few years and we need your help. We can get so much useful information from a survey and this will help focus our tax dollars on services the community will use and enjoy. Click the link below to complete the survey. We thank you so much. The next time you're in the Library tell us you completed the survey and we'll give you some chocolate.




Wisconsin 2016

Our adult reading program, Biblio Bingo, is off and running and as always we are having a blast with those participating. We love getting people signed up, talking to them about the categories, helping them plot their strategies and recommending books for them to read. The added bonus is listening to our readers talk excitedly about a book they enjoyed or a new author they found. The program has been popular for over a decade now and we hope it continues.

One category that we repeat every year is books published by Wisconsin authors in the previous year. Having this category as a constant in the game helps staff keep up with what's getting published by the diverse pool of talent we have here in Wisconsin and it reinforces the idea with readers that great authors aren't always "from somewhere else". The books published in 2016 that are featured in this year's program represent a wide variety of genres and topics. Favorite authors Patricia Houston (Loon Lake Mysteries) and Jane Hamilton published books in 2016. Patricia Skalka, who spends her summers in Door County, added another title to her Dave Cubiak Door County Mysteries series. Historical Fiction writer Jennifer Chiaverini's Fates and Traitors focuses on four women who had a connection to Lincoln assassin John Wilkes Booth. A new intriguing fiction title by former Madison resident Ashley Ream involves the mysterious powers of tiny sea creatures that live in a bay off of a small Washington state island and the people who are drawn to the island for that reason. Ream states that she wrote most of the book in her car on her lunch breaks from her job at Wisconsin Public Television. Read more »

Let the Reading Begin!

Biblio Bingo is here! Stop in and start playing!