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On the Waterfront

November is Picture Book Month!

November is Picture Book month and around here we love celebrating any kind of book but picture books hold a special place in our hearts. For most children, picture books are an introduction to the world of reading and the love of books. The tradition of parents reading to their children each day is one that has endured for a long time. There is no reason to believe that this tradition won’t continue to be a big part of the day for families all around the world. Picture books not only provide an introduction to the sounds of letters and words but they also provide great visual experiences for young children and develops their sense of wonder for the world. Picture books aren’t just for very young children either. Today there are picture books written for audiences all the way up to high school. And for parents who are reading to their children every day, (let’s face it, it is sometimes a tedious task) there are plenty of picture books that provide a twist or a turn to keep the adult readers entertained.

One thing we like to point out here is that reading picture books to your children doesn’t have to end when your child learns to read on their own. As a matter of fact, continuing to read picture books to your independently reading child reinforces engagement with story, continues to introduce new words and concepts to your child and keeps boredom from reading the very simple “I can read” books over and over from setting in. Plus, reading with your children is a fine way to spend time together. Read more »


The Wisconsin Humanities Council and the Sturm Memorial Library are collaborating on a program this Wednesday November 9, 2016 at 7pm to bring Madison police officer Corey Saffold to town to present his talk “The Paradox of being a Black Police Officer in Today’s Society”. This program is part of the “Shoptalk” speakers bureau the Humanities Council formed to encourage programming in libraries, schools, city halls and civic organizations across Wisconsin that inform, educate, unite and inspire communities. Saffold has had extensive experience working with youth and is currently a police liaison officer at one of Madison’s largest high schools. Saffold will be one of two speakers the Library will host as part of the “Shoptalk” program. The "Shoptalk" program was designed to encourage citizens to listen to the experiences of those whose working lives sometimes put them on the front lines of today's hot button issues.

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National Treasures

Our program on hiking in national parks with Kelly Ramstack was a hit. A good sized crowd listened with full attention as Ramstack presented a photo travelogue of her hikes in different national parks that she and her husband have visited through the years. The Ramstacks have been to several national parks in the midwest and west and they always get off the beaten path and do hikes that most of the rest of us only read about...or attend a program about...sometimes traveling vicariously is a great way to have an adventure experience. Ramstack's enjoyable and funny delivery brought laughs and amazement as she talked about camping in bear country, hiking in a river gorge and doing a day long rapelling hike. Her photos of the views she and her husband worked hard to get to were stunhning. You can be sure there will be a "part two" and maybe a "part three" to Ramstack's presentation. If you missed this one you will have other opportunties. The icing on the cake was that Ramstack donated her honorarium fee back to the Library to use for other speakers. Thank you Kelly! And thank you everyone who attended the program. Read more »

A Big Thank You!

School has started, summer is waning, but the memories of another successful summer reading program here at the Library are still strong. For those of you who follow our Facebook page you know there have been some pretty happy kids leaving this place with a book in hand that is theirs to keep. Kids participating in the program were also able to pick out a book for the library that will have their name listed inside as the donor. The excitement that both of these rewards create is so fun to see. All of this is possible because of the many businesses and organizations that support our summer reading program. We sincerely thank all of them. You can show your thanks too by patronizing their businesses and giving them a big thank you in person.