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On the Waterfront

National Night Out in Manawa

This is a photo from the 3rd Annual National Night Out in Manawa that took place on August 2nd at Lindsay Park. Fire Chief Rob Rosenau, from the Manawa Rural Fire & Rescue Department organized the landing of the flight for life helicopter from ThedaStar. The helicopter landing and meet and greet was the hightlight of this year's event. The evening also included music, games, tours of fire, rescue and police vehicles, a demonstration by the Waupaca County K-9 unit and a picnic supper complete with root beer floats. LIndsay Park was the perfect setting for the event as all the shade trees provided some respite from the hot summer night. The landing of the helicopter was dependent on the weather of course so event planners were a little nervous when a heavy rain storm moved through town at 3pm. The storm cleared out and the sun came back and the evening went off without a hitch. It literally does take a village to plan to an event like this and this year's event had help from the City of Manawa, the Manawa Police Department, the Manawa Rural Fire Department & Rescue, the Waupaca County Sheriff's Department, the Manawa Lions Club, Manawa CARES and the Sturm Memorial Library.  National Night  in Manawa is part of a nation-wide event that takes place on the first Tuesday in August each year. This year over 10,000 communities planned events in coordination with local law enforcement, community organizations and cities and towns. Read more »

A Big Landing

The National Night Out in Manawa committee is very excited about this year's event which will take place on Tuesday August 2, 2016 from 5-8 p.m. at the Lindsay Park Shelter. This year the Manawa Rural Fire Department has been able to schedule a landing of ThedaStar, the flight for life helicopter operated by Theda Clark in Neenah. The dramatic landing at the park will be the highlight of the evening which will also include a light picnic supper, music by the bluegrass band Tall Timbers, tours of the fire trucks, ambulances and police cars, a demonstration by the county K-9 unit, games for children and more. This will the the 3rd Annual National Night Out in Manawa and we're looking forward to a fun night of fun, music, food and laughter with neighbors and friends. The National Night Out in Manawa committee is made up of members and staff from the Manawa Police Department, The Manawa Rural Fire Department & Ambulance, the City of Manawa, the Manawa Lions Club, the Sturm Memorial Library and Manawa CARES. Funding and other donations for the evening's events is provided by Sturm Foods, First State Bank, Premier Bank, the Sturm Memorial Library and the Manawa Lions Club. Please join us for a night out in your community. A community that knows its neighbors is a safer community all around.

Books Beat the Summer Slide


This a photo of some of the new books at the Library for elementary school aged youth. They are some of the thousands of books kids have to choose from when they decide to spend some of their summer vacation reading. We love it when a new book gets checked out - we love it even more when the book is returned with a big smile of approval. Kids today have so many activities they're involved in but taking the time to read some books will benefit them in a lot of ways. A statistic we found today shows that children who are given access to books over the summer perform 35-40% better on reading achievement tests than those without access. The research seems to support that there is such a thing as the "summer slide" - where the benchmark reached at the end of a school year fades away over the summer if kids don't continue reading during those months away from school. The Library runs a great summer program put together by all of the staff and we work closely with the schools to get kids signed up and participating. We invite all kids and families to come to the Library and spend some time sharing the fun with others.

Anime Anime!

This is a poster Lyn designed for our Anime Club for teenagers that was started this school year. For those of you in the dark Anime (think Anna Mae) is the word to describe a style of Japanese produced animation for films and television. It is hugely popular here in the United States, especially with teens. Many of the films are based on books, most of which are written in comics form and called Manga. (think Mang-ga) So why am I explaining all this? Because serving teens in public libraries is a complex moving target and sometimes you have to latch on to something and go with the ride.

Lyn, Carol and I have had a full immersion in this Japanese phenomenon that arrived here in Manawa some years ago. Based on demand we have been slowly building a collection of Manga and teenagers have been reading it at a steady clip. The Anime was overwhelming to us however and we had no idea where to start until one day a teenager walked in and said to Lyn "we should have an Anime Club here at the Library, will you help me get one started?" Lyn being the dedicated person that she is said "of course". The Anime Club has seen a steady stream of teenagers come once or twice a month to watch some of their favorite cartoons and movies and enjoy each others company. There is also food of course - most of it provided by the members themselves or staff. (When we spring for pizza).

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