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On the Waterfront

And Some More Favorites of 2015

Here are Carol's favorites from 2015. She also had a hard time picking just five, so she picked eight - but you'll understand why she did that when you read her list.  We are into the second month of 2016 and we've already read some great books that we're pretty sure we'll be on next year's list. The reading life is so much fun!

The Girl on the Train – Paula Hawkins

Rachel takes the train into London every day.  On the ride, she passes the same homes and makes up stories in her mind of the people that live there.  Giving them idyllic lives.   A wonderful, loving couple in Rachel’s imagination.  One day Rachel witnesses the woman kissing a man that isn’t her husband, and the next day the woman goes missing.  Rachel contacts the police because of what she has seen, but is brushed off because she is a drunk.  She does manage to investigate the disappearance despite that.

Bits and pieces of Rachel and her life are revealed as the book progresses.  I was very much drawn to Rachel because I know what it is like to be discounted because of problems that others may not have.  I was cheering for Rachel the whole time. Read more »

Favorites of 2015 Continued

The Best of 2015 is continued with Lyn's five top picks for books she read in 2015. Below, in her own words, or words of others, are Lyn's favorites.

The Truth According to Us

by Annie Barrows

    "Miss Layla Beck, the daughter of a powerful Senator from Delaware refuses to marry the gentleman her father has chosen for her and is forced to get a job working for the FWP to write the first official account of Maecdonian History. Her notions of real life--the social whirl of Newport and New York--are totally upended and she despairs in rooming with the overly eccentric Romeyn family in such a small backwater town.“ - Provided by publisher. Read more »


Favorites of 2015

Time flies, the list of the books we want to read gets longer, and we lament that we won't have enough time to read them all. All is not lost however because we did get some reading done in 2015. We'll be taking turns sharing our top five favorite books that we read in 2015. Here are Ellen's.

My all time favorite book that I read in 2015 was Lila by Marilynne Robinson. This book is one of three books by the author that take place in the town of Gilead, Iowa. The books can be read alone and they can be read in any order but they are definitely connected, with many of the same characters in each book. "Lila" like  "Gilead" and "Home" had sentences that took my breath away. The characters are so interesting, so full of flaws, so contradicting...they are so human. These are not books of fast moving plot, as a matter of fact there is nothing much going on in Gilead, Iowa, but this writer knows how to write about the everyday life experiences we have with those in our midst. Read more »


The Lists!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…yes the holidays are upon us and for many of us it is the most wonderful time of year. For people who work in the field of getting books into readers hands there is another reason to love this time of year. The month of December brings us a new “Best Books” list almost every day. We love looking at these lists, comparing the lists, talking about the lists, and making lists based on the lists. There are lists for every category of book and enough of them to keep most every reader in books for years to come. So, if want to see if you've read any of the best books of 2015 or want to make a new list for 2016, check out the "best of" lists below. Be careful, you might go down the rabbit hole of books.

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