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1000 Books Before Kindergarten

1000 Books Before Kindergarten is an easy, do it yourself program that is designed to get families reading to their children from infancy on. Read to your child every day and before you know it you will have read 1000 books – or more! 1 book per day for three years is 1,095 books! 2 books per day takes about 1.5 years!


Get your child ready to read!

The five things your child needs to be ready to learn to read are:

  • Talking: hearing and learning lots of words helps a child learn to read.
  • Singing: singing helps children hear the sounds that make up words. Singing teaches children about rhyming and being able to rhyme helps children learn to read.
  • Writing: children see us write and eventually figure out we’re writing words. Letting children “write” from early on will help them to learn to read.
  • Playing: playing helps children express their thoughts with words and it also makes them realize that words are symbols for all different things.
  • Reading: the most important thing you can do to get your child ready to read!

Reading to children helps them learn how to hold a book

Reading picture books teaches children lots of words because they can figure out what the words mean by looking at the pictures as you read the words

Reading to children teaches them that the sounds you are making correspond to words on the page

Reading helps children and parents create a strong bond

How do I sign up?

Stop in at the Sturm Memorial Library to sign up your child

Receive a reading log, bookmark and book bag

Pin your child’s name to the “1000 Books” bulletin board

For every 100 books read your child will get to sticker his name and receive a small prize

At 1000 books your child will receive a book bag and free book!