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Using Photos or Video of Library Patons

Using Photos or Video of Library Patons

Digital photographs or video taken of library patrons during the course of library special events or programs may be used in newspapers, newsletters, or on the Library’s web site with identifiable information as long as they are in a newsworthy context. Any photos or video posted to the web site as part of a news item should be removed within two weeks.

Montages of photos or photos of large groups of people where no one is clearly recognizable will sometimes be used in publicity or promotional materials.

Pictures or video that contain identifiable people cannot be used for publicity or marketing purposes unless permission was requested from the individuals photographed. Written consent forms will be obtained for this purpose. In the case of minor children, written consent forms from a parent or guardian will be obtained.

The Library will get verbal permission for the use of any photos on the Library’s social media sites.

The Library may post photos to bulletin boards in the Library of individuals and groups of individuals to highlight programs or events. No identifying information will be posted with them. The following statement will be posted in the library concerning the use of photos for this purpose:

"Adults and children may be photographed and videotaped by Library staff or their representatives in the course of Library activities. The images may be used, without accompanying personal identification, in Library displays or photo scrapbooks. If you have a concern about this policy, please talk to Library staff."