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Circulation Policy

How long can I keep materials?  Are there fines for overdue items?

Circulation of Materials

Patrons do not need their library card to check materials out, however, if staff does not know the patron they will be asked for their address and telephone number to confirm that the correct record in the computer is being used. The materials in the collection and the time they circulate are as follows:

Material Circulation Period
Books/Books on Tape/Music CDs 28 Days
Video 7 Days
Magazines 14 Days
Short Loan Materials 14 Days
Music CDs 14 Days

Items can be renewed up to two times as long as there are no holds on them.

Patrons with an account in Infosoup can renew items online. Staff will also renew items over the telephone. Patrons may have up to 75 items checked out a time. Staff reserves the right to temporarily place limits on certain types of books for special circumstances.  (i.e. placing Halloween materials on Short Loan). Patrons may have up to 15 reserves for materials at other libraries on their account at any one time.


The Library is not responsible for any damage caused to video recording players or computers by library materials. Patrons must obey all copyright restrictions that apply to items checked out. Most audio visual materials, unless otherwise noted, are for “home use only” and should not be used otherwise. The exceptions are schools, if used for face to face teaching, and nursing homes.

Overdue Materials

Overdue materials do generate fines that are recorded in the patron record when materials are checked in. A bill is generated for overdue materials four weeks after the due date.  This bill is also attached to a patron’s record. If any patron has more than $5.00 worth of bills and or fines on their record they cannot check out any items from any OWLSnet library until Fines and/or Bills go below $5.00.

Fines are:

Material Fine if overdue
General Collection $0.05/Day
Video $0.05/Day