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Donation Policy

What materials does the library accept as donations?


The same criteria used for purchasing materials and maintaining the collection is also applied to items donated to the Library. The Library will not automatically accept all donations. Even in the event that materials are accepted, the Library Director has the discretion of adding them to the collection, selling them at the annual book sale, giving them away, or disposing of them. This policy will be explained to anyone whose donations are accepted.

Any items donated to the Library and added to the collection will become the permanent property of the Library and will not be returned to the donor. Donated items and memorial purchases will be weeded if they become outdated, badly worn or damaged.

Memorial gifts made to the Library are gratefully accepted – gifts of materials must meet collection criteria and gifts of money will be used to purchase materials. All memorial items will have suitable nameplates placed in the book at the donor’s request.

Due to issues of maintenance and support, the Library will not accept donations of used computers or other used equipment unless OK’d by the Director.

Donations to the Sturm Memorial Library are tax deductible; however the Library cannot establish the value of such donation.  Donors may wish to consult the IRS publication # 561 “Determining the Value of Donated Property” and # 526 “Charitable Contributions” regarding the determination of values for donations.  The Sturm Memorial Library will issue a receipt for donations upon request.