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Damaged/Lost Materials Policy

What happens if I lose or damage library materials?

Damaged/Lost Materials

Library users will be expected to pay replacement costs for any materials they have checked out that are damaged or lost. Parents/guardians will be expected to pay the same for any materials checked out to youth under 18 in their care. The replacement costs are listed in the full record of each item in the database. It will be expected that replacement costs for lost items will be submitted when an item goes into Bill stage (four weeks after due date) unless other arrangements have been made. It is expected that materials returned damaged will be paid for immediately. If materials are returned damaged without being paid for, a charge will be added to the patron’s record. Special arrangements are possible that will allow patrons to pay any charges over a period of time. Once an item is paid for, it will be deleted from the database and the charges will be removed from the patron’s record.  Patrons will be issued receipts for any replacement costs they submit.

A patron may be entitled to a refund for a found item that was paid for if the following conditions apply:

1) The item is returned within 30 days (exceptions to this are items of local importance)

2) The item is in good condition and the barcode, library ownership stickers and book covers, etc are still in place

3) The patron has a receipt for payment of the item

4)  The Library has not yet replaced the item

A charge of $3.00 will be kept for postage, handling, and overdue fine expenses.

Anyone facing replacement charges may purchase the item for which they’re being charged and bring it to the Library. Item must be identical to one being replaced and the Library Director has the discretion to accept or reject the item.