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summer reading program

Raising a village of readers

The Library's summer reading program is a hit with the kids not because they get to enter drawings for prizes that have nothing to do with reading but because they get to "purchase" a book of their choice if they reach their reading goal. The kids love this and put a lot of thought into choosing their book and are so happy when they pick them up. The preschool kids get to pick out a paperback picture book from a display of them that are purchased ahead of time at a discounted rate. This excitement about books is what makes the summer the best time of year for staff. The better part of all this though is that this is all made possible by generous donations from the Manawa area business community. Read more »

Summer Fun is Coming!

School is out and the good times will be rolling here at the Library starting Monday June 12th. The Library has been hosting a summer reading program for over 30 years and 2017 promises to be a good time. Staff are excited about the theme for this summer - Build a Better World. We'll be building things with Legos, Keva Planks, Lincoln Logs, Mega Blocks and more. We'll also be creating artwork and fun crafts, doing science projects, decorating the Library and of course...READING. We all love to read and we work hard to find the right book at the right time for every child. It can happen! When kids are ready to take a break from reading, they can have some fun doing other things. Music, art and play are all very important in developing reading skills in young people so it all works hand in hand. Tune into our website, our calendar, our Facebook page or stop in for a schedule of all the fun events coming your way in the next several weeks. We hope the Library is a destination place for all area families this summer.

A community that cares

The summer program is in full swing and we are having a blast. Close to 100 people braved the detour and attended our kick off event with Randy Peterson and over 100 kids have signed up for the program so far. Summer is busy here at the Library but we wouldn't have it any other way. Like many other libraries around the country, the Sturm Memorial Library is moving away from rewarding participants with various prizes for achieving certain benchmarks in their summer reading. Rewarding kids for something they might well enjoy doing has actually been proven to diminish that enjoyment. By participating in our two tiered program kids can get a book of their choosing,choose to have a book donated to the Library in their name or both We started this program last year and it was received enthusasistically by kids and parents. So how is it that the Library can do this? It's because of the generosity of the Manawa business community. The following businesses have donated funds to the Library to allow us to provide kids with the opportunity to feel the pride of giving and the joy of having a favorite book of their own.

  • Carbon Freckle
  • Crosscut Solutions
  • Eastling Insurance Services, LLC *
  • Echo Ridge Ag Services*
  • First State Bank *
  • The Flower Pot
  • Heimbruch Septic Service *
  • Kolbe Windows & Doors
  • Lindsay House B&B
  • Little Wolf Landscaping & Tree Service *
  • Lorge Plumbing, Inc.
  • Manawa Heating and Cooling *
  • Master Electrical Services, LLC *
  • Niemo's Manawa Septic Service*
  • Premier Community Bank *
  • Premier Cooperative*
  • Remington Quality Foods *
  • Schierl Sales Corp. *
  • Sell Chiropractic*
  • Smart Move Realty *
  • Smith & Radtke Accounting LLC
  • Sturm Foods *
  • Total Harmony Massage and Biofeedback *

Please thank these businesses with your patronage and tell the owners how much you appreciate their support of the Library. It will be fun for them to see and hear their gift acknowledged by people who use the Library.

*Donation of $50.00 or more

SLP Kick-Off with Randy Peterson

It's hard to believe but in less than a week we will be hosting our first special event for the 2015 Summer Reading Program. Please join us on Tuesday June 9th at 2pm when singer/songwriter Randy Peterson will perform. Mr. Peterson has been entertaining audiences for over twenty five years and from the looks of his summer schedule he is still going strong. Peterson performs at libraries, schools, fairs and community events. He is a fixture on the children's circuit and has performed previously in Manawa at area schools. As a matter of fact, it was at the suggestion of several community members that we decided to have Mr. Peterson be our kick-off performer this year. This all ages event promises to be a good time. We are grateful to the Outagmie Waupaca Library System for sponsoring this program and we look forward to having a big, enthusiastic crowd here on Tuesday. For more info call the Library at 920-596-2252. Please remember that all youth 8 and under must be accompanied by a responsible party. Let the summer program begin!

It's Summer!

Summer's here and the living is easy...well easy is not how any public librarian would describe their summer but we would not have it any other way. The time for summer madness is upon us and the fun starts here June 8th and runs through the end of August. While the official summer program runs for the eight weeks of June and July, there will still be much fun and excitement to be had in August here at the Library. So get ready, get set and get your young peeps down here for loads of programs, activities and good books. Remember, there really is something called the "summer slide" - a time when children who do not keep up with reading and actively engage their brain lose a lot of what they learned in the previous school year. Youth who participate in summer library programs fare better in the fall than those who do not. We keep it real here - no heavy expectations, no intense rules, not a whole lot of record keeping for parents... just reading a few good books and having a lot of fun. We hope to see many families this summer because we absolutely mean it when we say we love it when we're busy busy busy.

Big Thank You

It's September and we're busy planning Kindergarten visits and a community art project taking place at the Manawa Fall Food & Craft Festival this Saturday, but we want to take a moment to reflect on the success of the 2014 Summer Reading Program. This year marked a shift in how area youth participated and we were very happy with the results. Over the years we have moved away from emphasizing rewards for participating in the program and have moved towards emphasizing the reward of participating in the program. This year kids that participated in the program had two different "avenues" to go down and they could do both or one or the other. One avenue involved doing different activities (that included reading) on a Bingo card and after getting three Bingos suggesting a title for the Library to purchase. The photo above shows just some of the titles the participants picked out for the Library. This was very popular with the kids - these are titles that truly were chosen by them and reflect the varied interests our young people have. Each book will have a nameplate inside with the child's name on it. We were impressed with the books that were chosen and we were excited to add them to the Library's collection. The kids loved the idea of "donating" a book to the Library and will be able to proudly show their friends and families their name inside the book they chose.

The second part of the program involved participants coming up with a reading goal for themselves for the eight week program. This was also a revealing exercise and gave us an opportunity to engage one on one with young people and talk to them about reading, what they like to read, how much they think they would read, etc. Those who reached their goal were able to give us a title of a book that they wanted for their own personal library. This too was very popular. When the choice is truly theirs, young people embrace the process. Having those participants that reached their goals come in and get their book to keep was a highlight of our summer.

The Library also hosted 47 programs in June, July and August with total attendance at over 1,100 people. This is a major accomplishment for a library with 2.5 full time staff. We also had weekly drop in activities and 541+ kids participated in those. We had a lot of help during the summer to make this happen. We also had generous donations made to the Library that allowed us to offer quality programs and...those chosen books. The following businesses, individuals and organizations donated to the program and we thank them sincerely:

A. Sturm & Sons Foundation, Inc

Alliant Energy

Cline & Hanson Funeral Home

Echo Ridge Ag Services, LLC

First State Bank

Heimbruch Septic Service

Barbara Jacques

Little Wolf Landscaping & Tree Service

Lindsay House Bed & Breakfast

Lorge Plumbing

Master Electrical Services

Niemo's Manawa Septic Services

Outagamie Waupaca Library System

Premier Community Bank

Premier Cooperative

Quality Concrete & Excavating

Remington's Quality Foods

Sell Chiropractic

Smart Move Realty

Sturm Foods

Suehs Sales & Service

Dream Big Read Success

This photo shows just a portion of the crowd that the Library had at its Finale Event and Picnic to celebrate another successful summer reading program. Over 160 attended the performance of entertainer and magician Jeff McMullen. Over 100 stayed for our annual picnic. It was a great day and though we were all very tired at the end of the day, we locked the doors and got in our cars with a great feeling of satisfaction of a job well done. This summer's program was so much fun. The theme worked so well in inspiring the kids and staff liked it too. We had crowds of at least 100 at all of our special programs and our in-house programming was well attended too. Read more »

Two Weeks In

Does this look like something you would eat? Well, if I had to guess I would estimate that more than 100 kids have tasted the delicacy you see pictured here. Read more »

Summertime and the Reading is Easy

It has felt like spring for so long that it seems summer should have started and be in full swing by now. And then again, like it always does, summer and the program that goes with it is creeping up on us here at the Library.  The summer time is our busiest time of year. Some days we are so busy here we lose our voices and our minds, but no one seems to care as long as the fun and camaraderie keep going. The buzz is starting as we have completed almost all of our school visits (we did 12 presentations this year, covering grades 4-K through 8th at both schools) and we've released the magical program schedule. It's all official starting Monday June 11th when the doors open at 9:30 am. That's when anyone aged 0-18 can sign up and get started with the Library's summer program. Read more »

This is what it's all about

Kids reading in the boat

The Library sees a lot of action during the summer months. The action taking place in this photo is the best kind there is. This is exactly what we hoped having the boat would inspire. Reading is fun all by itself, but giving kids a unique place to do it makes it even more so. Take books to the beach, to the cabin, to the campsites, to the picnics, to the park. Take the books, the reading will follow.