Books We Love (Formerly Book Concierge)

It is a most wonderful time of year for a lot of reasons and for book lovers it’s that time of year when the lists of the best books for the year appear. Our favorite of these lists has long been NPR’s Book Concierge. Last year, “Book Concierge” became “Books We Love” and while I miss the old name, the new “list” is better than ever before. The ease of use, the wide variety of books, the organization of the site, all of it is wonderful. The graphics of the book covers (and the links they hold) are fun to behold and ponder over. You will find enough books in this “list” to last a lifetime – and that might be the downside of this incredible collection…so many books, so little time. If you have book lovers in your circle, if you like to get books as gifts but aren’t sure what to ask for, if you are looking for the next book to check out from your public library, “Books We Love” will guide you to the right title (or titles – be careful!) Happy reading well into the happy new year!