Biblio Bingo January 29 – March 23, 2024

Biblio Bingo 2024

Sturm Memorial’s annual adult reading program, “Biblio Bingo,” runs for eight weeks, beginning on Monday, January 29, and ending on Saturday, March 23. This annual program encourages readers to leave their comfort zone and read books and authors they might not otherwise read.

Library staff create the Bingo categories and find the books to match them. While some categories are general, many are more specific, making interesting reading lists. The goal is for a participant to get a “Bingo” on their card, which is achieved by picking a row, a column, or a diagonal and reading a book from at least four categories. Those who get Bingo receive a small prize and a drawing slip for a chance to win a prize basket. More ambitious players can earn a second Bingo or a Black-Out to earn more drawing slips. Prize baskets are themed baskets put together by staff and consist almost entirely of donations the Library has collected over the year.

Biblio Bingo has been an annual rite of passage for the dreary winter months after the holidays and has a devoted following of many players. People can sign up anytime during the program, but the sooner you get your card, the more time you have to read your books!

All prizes must be picked up at the Sturm Memorial Library.