So Easy to Preserve

Tips to Save, Time, Energy, and Taste
Tricks to Can, Freeze, Dry or Jam

This program is free and open to the public so bring your friends and family for this special interest meeting to be held at the Sturm Memorial Library, 130 N. Bridge Street, Manawa. This program is sponsored by the Waupaca County Association for Home and Community Education (HCE).
Warm summer weather brings farmer’s markets and an array of delicious produce ready to add freshness to your meals. While it’s easier to get certain vegetables fresh, frozen, dried or canned all year round now, there’s nothing like opening the cupboard door, refrigerator or freezer and seeing a colorful display of tasty foods.Snacks and Door Prizes Included

  • No more soggy frozen vegetables!
  • Get crisp pickles!
  • Dry foods to save storage space!
  • Secrets to get jars to seal every time!
  • Update grandma’s techniques for today’s produce!
  • Garden, Farmer’s Market, CSA, Market Stand Winners!

Bring your Pressure canner cover for free accuracy and safety testing!

Guest Presenter:
Marilyn Herman, Master Food Preserver with the UW-Extension Service

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