Mission and Values

The Library's mission is to:

To provide experiences and resources to enhance the lives of the community.

The Library recognizes the rights of citizens to have access to information by supporting the American Library Association’s Bill of Rights, Code of Ethics and Freedom to Read Statement.


The Library's Values are:

Our Patrons:

  • Library users are our #1 priority – Nothing is more important to the library than the needs of the people who walk through the door.
  • The library is a comfortable place – the library is a place people feel welcomed. We want people to stay awhile, and a clean, bright, and safe environment will ensure they do.
  • The library is a place for learning – Supporting lifelong learning experiences and literacy is important here

Our Community:

  • Free and open access for all – Everyone is welcome in the library, and everyone will be served equally.
  • The First Amendment matters here, and information is fundamental to a free society – The library recognizes that many viewpoints exist and acknowledges that diversity of opinion is important in our democracy. The library supports the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights, Code of Ethics, and Freedom to Read Statement.
  • Maintaining goodwill is important to us – The community loves the library, and the library strives to maintain that goodwill by providing a high level of service to the community.
  • Community needs drive resources – The library strives to be responsive to community needs and stays informed about community trends.
  • Public funds are used responsibly – The library is a good steward of the public’s investment, operating efficiently in order to give people many options.
  • The Sturm Memorial Library will be a vibrant contributor to the community, providing experiences and resources to help people dream, learn, achieve, and thrive.